Ok, this is a bit of a pet-peeve of mine in the category of “know what you want before we schedule a shoot”. As you can probably tell by looking through my gallery, I’m a big fan of outdoor shoots; I’ll do a lot of indoor home-studio work as well for experience and get-to-know-you’s, but I really love putting together a project on location.

I’ve gotten some great beach shoots; but so far, I’ve had mixed luck with actual wilderness shoots. So I can’t stress enough that if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, just say up front that you want to do something else. I’m flexible. But if you aren’t comfortable hiking, climbing up on rocks and trees, or exploring an area then just say no! Don’t waste your time and mine just to get some awkward, uncomfortable photos for your portfolio.

Since I do so much TFP I really want the experience and time commitment to be worth it, for both of us. In fact, in general, just tell me up front what your goals, expectations, and limits are for a shoot. I will try to do the same.

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