My name is Malcolm, I live in Los Angeles, I’m 26, and I took up photography in 2010 starting with a black & white film class. I quickly found my passion for portraiture and continued to shoot both with long-time models and newcomers who’d never modeled for a photoshoot (or at all) before; either way I love meeting people, getting to know them, and figuring out how to bring out their personality to make beautiful and captivating images.

First and foremost I pursue photography as a creative hobby. I work full-time during the week and have a limited schedule that I must prioritize, I hope you understand. I am following my passion for artistic, emotive, and glamour portraiture with the goal of showing in galleries and magazines. I am very interested in networking with others, especially “muse” models so that we can learn each other by working on multiple projects and make beautiful images whenever a creative spark hits us.

I shoot with a basic home studio setup with backdrop & lighting as well as outdoor locations (I am in the process of expanding my studio setup). Most of my projects will be shot around a location as I really love working with the scenery. I look for models who are fun and creative, who want to work with me to create captivating images and not just run-of the mill snapshots. That can take some time an work but the payoff is worth it.

I mostly shoot beauty, fashion, glamour. Nudity is generally not my focus, except for limited work with a strong concept and it must be artistic. Sex-appeal great but it is only part of the equation for what I look for. Whether we’re doing headshots, lingerie, casual, or anything else the best thing I can hope for is a confident, expressive model.


I shoot with a Canon EOS 40D DSLR. I also regularly use a Speedlight 430EX II flash for studio work & fill-light for outdoors.

EF 50mm : 1.8 II, EFS 18-55mm, EF 70-210mm

For studio work I also have a black backdrop (planning on getting a few more colors) and 3 shoot-thru umbrella lights.

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Basic Photoshoot

I am generally open to shoot whenever I can find the time, mainly for practice and to network with people who are interested in working on a more involved project. I have worked with a lot of new models and can offer my advice and coaching; I’m pretty casual for these shoots and mostly just go with the flow and experiment with what works. I’ll work with any style just come ready to have fun and be expressive!

After such a shoot I will generally provide a download of a large number of full-resolution unedited images within a few days. I can also offer my review of photos at this time or after the shoot if convenient. These shoots will have to be local to me and may be limited in location (studio, loft / apartment, or other convenient location).

Project Collaboration

A more involved project / concept may involve acquiring wardrobe & props, travel, or working with other parties (hair & make-up artists, venues, bodypainters, etc). This will often involve more work from both the model and myself, but I will also offer more review and edited photos as they will help expand my portfolio. To put this much work into a shoot and get the quality I desire I have to be quite selective regarding who I work with at this level. Experienced models with a portfolio are great, but I am willing to meet and work with newer models after test photoshoot sessions.

I have many project ideas for both types of shoots, but definitely volunteer your own as well. Models who can be creative are the best to work with and I love bouncing ideas off someone else!


I don’t like watermarking my photos so please credit me whenever you use my photos. Also let me know how you would like to be credited.


Photos from any shoot will be delivered via a Dropbox download, directly to a folder on your computer.

Other Inquiries

I am also available for commercial or group / individual portrait sessions at a negotiable rate on weekends. Any such work would be paid unless I feel it is of exceptional value to my portfolio. I am most willing to do trade shoots for projects that involve creative experimentation and offer the opportunity for me to expand my skill set.

I also have additional skills in photo-editing, web design / development, and marketing.

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