While photoshoots at Balboa Park or at a home studio are fun, I really get excited about more creative projects. It is here where I feel that I can really explore photography and create a captivating image.

I have a list of general locations & concepts I’ve been looking at as well as more fleshed out projects that I am currently looking for models to work on. Each project requires different levels of preparation from get up and go this week to a month or more of planning and involvement putting together a wardrobe, concepts & poses, and finding a location. Good ideas and locations are hard to come by so I’m very open to working on your idea. Feel free to pitch me.

All collaboration projects will be unpaid but I can help cover the costs of the shoot in terms of supplies, props, wardrobe, etc if any. Generally, this means that we’ll run out to a thrift store and see what we can find. If you want to work with me on a bigger project I’ll definitely go the extra mile with editing as it will benefit us both.

Photo Release

I have a Standard Photo Release Agreement that explains what both model and photographer are allowed to do with the photos for. I’ll bring a copy for you to sign before we shoot.


My availability will mostly open up in January, with limited possibilities Dec 26th – 30th any time. I do not currently have my own location to shoot at but that should change in January. In January I will be weeknights only locally on the Westside and weekends more broadly across LA with possible travel to OC / SD for project shoots.

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  • La Jolla Shores Beach @ Night
  • Basketball, Surfing, Action Sports (M or F)
  • Torrey Pines Beach – Rocky Cliffs
  • B&W w/ Selective Color (red lipstick & strawberries, colored contacts)
  • Tattoos / Fake Tattoos
  • Eve & Apple
  • Yoga
  • Downtown Trolley
  • Forest, Desert Wilderness
  • Spanish Style Adobe
  • Lingerie in the Desert see
  • Dueling Bikinis on the Beach
  • Men in Suits
  • Conceptual Project – Words – Chosen by Model, written on body
  • In Studio Make-up
  • Smoke & Fire – Dry Ice
  • Macro / close-ups / knives
  • Light Painting
  • Laundromat
  • Bodypaint
  • Painted Models – Holi Festival Style see
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Palomar Mtn. -> Borrego Springs Drive
  • Downtown San Diego Urban
  • Swimming Pool
  • … and more all the time
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Fashion Mugshots

Fun, edgy fashion mugshots with lots of distressed clothes & a punk aesthetic. The setting would be mainly studio with a few shots outdoors against a brick wall.


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Golden Girl

The concept for this shoot is to use gold leaf as eye and body makeup.


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Au Naturel / Silhouette

This concept is to do as much as possible with just one white sheet as a prop. I want to try and find as much of the personality of the models as possible, no make-up, implied or exposed nudity. Nudity is negotiable, there are various ways we can cover you up but as natural as possible is the goal here. Interested in male and female models.

The concept is from photographer Eric Wimberly’s White Album. I’d also like to take this opportunity to do some dramatic silhouettes behind a white backdrop, playing with flowing fabric, multiple light sources, colored light, etc.

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Close-up Collage

This idea can be part of any studio shoot, but is meant to be a series of close up facial expressions, body parts, etc. The shots would then be combined into collages.

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Experimental Lighting

These concepts would both be studio shoots due to the need for controlled lighting conditions. The style would most likely be elegant fashion with a focus on simple, evocative images playing off the wash of color. Mostly headshot / torso portraits.

1- Colored Lighting – Using multiple light sources (2-3) each with a different colored gel to achieve a mix of colors on the model and background.
2- Bokeh Backgrounds – Draping the backdrop with Christmas lights in order to create many out of focus points of light in the background. We may also possibly use techniques to change the shape of these lights (bokeh).

Colored Lighting Example Gallery

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Venice Boardwalk

This is a pretty simple proposal really, take a stroll down the mass of humanity that is Venice boardwalk and get some off-beat fashion photos with a whole lot more off-beat people. Wardrobe could be a mix of hippie/bohemian and beach attire.

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Implied Shadows + Bodyscape

The concept behind this shoot is some basic studio shots on a black backdrop doing implied nude portraits & close-up bodyscapes. As this is studio and not dependent on natural light, this project can be done on a weeknight. This is a test shoot and should not require a mua I have some wardrobe / props, model can provide others. The focus will be on creating intense, strong, and sensual poses / expressions.

Figure Idea Gallery | DeviantArt

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Sunset + Night @ the Beach

The basic concept is to shoot at sunset and at night (using a flash) along the beach. The plan is to shoot some warm swimwear photos by the water at sunset and then shoot more close-up portraits lying down on the sand and rocks at night (for a “spotlight” effect). I’ve done multiple of these shoots in San Diego / La Jolla Shores when I was located in the area, I’m interested in trying it up in LA as well. Shoot time works best at sunset and up to 2 hours after.

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Retro Athletic

The concept for this shoot revolves a couple of 1950′s / 60′s wooden tennis rackets I have for a vintage fashion feel. Both action and posed shots would be involved, I plan on using this project to set up some cool compositions like these: 1 2 3 4 5

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Studio Green-Screen Test Shoot

I’m currently building up my studio kit. Most recently I got a new green-screen background that I want to use for some portraits with more colorful backgrounds. This shoot would be any kind of portait shoot you want with editing to do some color replacement of the green backdrop. This is a good shoot for a new model who wants to get some time in front of the camera and work on posing in several styles & outfits.

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I’m looking to try out creating a few cinemagraph-style portraits. It’d probably be something simple to start but I’d really love to get into something more surreal-glamour which I think would be perfect! The idea is still in the formative stage so let me know if you have any ideas / wardrobe you’d like to contribute to the project.

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Anza-Borrego Desert + Salton Sea

Both these locations are a good 2-3 hour drive NE but I would love to find some people to work with on some fashion / glamour shoots in the desert or the ghost town / deserted buildings of Salton City. I know of some desolate badlands, canyon-scapes, & mesas in the Anza-Borrego desert as well. Now that we are out of the peak of summer the desert is down from highs in the 110′s to a more bearable 90 degrees.

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